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Microwaves “Psionic Impedance”

June 30, 2012 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: albums

Microwaves “Psionic Impedance”

You would pretty much know from Microwaves’ cover choices that they would be a favorite of mine. On a recent 7″ they did Big Black’s “Power of Independent Trucking” and on this album DEVO’s “Penetration in the Centerfold.” Right in the No-Core sweet spot. And I’d pick this as Microwaves’ best album, a totally substantial helping of sci-fi math-skronk. No filler.

Microwaves have been around for a while, following the quality over quantity philosophy, not exactly the best strategy for finding fame and fortune these days. The Microwaves formula was always hard, un-obvious drum patterns, metallic guitar (not metal as in heavy metal, but the kind of Big Black guitar that actually sounds like metal on metal), and bass run through synth pedals. On this album the trio has become a duo and counter-intuitively everything has become denser and more complex. In place of the synth bass, there are triggered and looped low-end synth sounds and more screwy guitar effects.

If you’re into this stuff, GET THIS. There aren’t going to be that many albums of ambitious, complex noise-rock this year, though I’ll try to review the other – like – two? that have come out so far. This is 100% quality here. Check out the track “Flu Factory” below and buy a copy from ugExplode.


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