Epic noise comp to support Life Changing Ministries in Oakland, CA

January 14, 2013 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: albums, downloads

V​/​A: Praisin' & Hell Raisin'; A Benefit for LCM Collective

V​/​A: Praisin’ & Hell Raisin'; A Benefit for LCM Collective

I don’t toss that word “epic” around to describe everything like some internet citizens, but I think this massive digital compilation has earned it. This is to support Life Changing Ministries, a DIY venue in Oakland, CA and seems to gather, as far as I can tell, tracks from every Oakland noise artist plus far-flung friends. Probably exaggeration, but this thing has known names like Crank Sturgeon, Zeek Sheck, The Haters – plus lots of good people I know of like Bob Bellerue, Horaflora, Pigs In The Ground, A Magix Whistle … and more and more. With a big cast like that you know that it’s going to cover a lot of ground sonically, and you know if you like any flavor of weirdness then you’ll find a bunch of stuff to dig.

Plus: 69 tracks for $6.66? (or more) Do the right thing here people. It’s a good cause. Listen to the whole thing below or GO HERE!

3 Comments to “Epic noise comp to support Life Changing Ministries in Oakland, CA”

  1. spurmperm says:

    Amazing stuff on here, only track titles show up on this player. Guess it’ll cost to find out who is who. Big thanks for pointer!

    Can’t see my own comment… black on gray. Anyway…

  2. spurmperm says:

    Duh, now I see band names. Still buy!

  3. No control over the player – but yes, artist names when you follow the link to bandcamp. The black text when you type a comment – that maybe I can change, thanks for pointing it out!


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