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Profligate “Laughing Song” music video

October 08, 2014 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: videos

Profligate has a new album coming soon, is starting on a west coast tour shortly, and just now unveiled this amazing video to a new track, “Laughing Song.”

Noah, the human behind Profligate said that “somebody dropped the ball” on premiering this video. Well you know what happens when others are dropping the ball on some of the best music being created today. No-Core is there to pick it up! Noah is so on point with the Profligate sound he’s creating that it’s scary. Somewhere between Sweet Dreams, John Carpenter menace, and Skinny Puppy club hits. This song starts out pristine and clean but gradually echoing white noise, tape squeals, and digital grit creep in. The video itself is a wonderful complement, equally beautiful with a raw and spooky edge. Perfect for the Halloween season.

Find more of Profligate’s music here:

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