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Profligate “Laughing Song” music video

October 08, 2014 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: videos

Profligate has a new album coming soon, is starting on a west coast tour shortly, and just now unveiled this amazing video to a new track, “Laughing Song.”

Noah, the human behind Profligate said that “somebody dropped the ball” on premiering this video. Well you know what happens when others are dropping the ball on some of the best music being created today. No-Core is there to pick it up! Noah is so on point with the Profligate sound he’s creating that it’s scary. Somewhere between Sweet Dreams, John Carpenter menace, and Skinny Puppy club hits. This song starts out pristine and clean but gradually echoing white noise, tape squeals, and digital grit creep in. The video itself is a wonderful complement, equally beautiful with a raw and spooky edge. Perfect for the Halloween season.

Find more of Profligate’s music here:

A Valentine’s Day treat from Bernard Herman

February 14, 2014 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: videos

Breaking the silence here on No-Core to bring you a Valentine’s Day special – a video for the song “Unrequited Love” by the performer Bernard Herman. Mr. Herman has a quite specific vision in his music, visuals, and presentation, thoroughly captured here in this subtly unsettling video.

Bernard Herman – Unrequited Love [Official Music Video] from Barkev Gulesserian on Vimeo.

Ende Tymes Festival part 1: June 24

July 08, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: photos, shows, videos

The weekend before last I caught a good portion of the epic Ende Tymes Fest at the Silent Barn in Queens. This is far from a complete overview, but I did catch most of the acts and got a few good photos and videos, so I’m going to post them up in parts. This was a 3-day, all-noise event with several long-time veterans of the noise scene represented. And when I say noise, I don’t mean just the “anything goes” stuff, but specifically the rhythm-free, note-free, harsh sound variety.

Twisty Cat at Ende Tymes Fest 2011

Twisty Cat at Ende Tymes Fest

When I got there on Friday evening, TwistyCat were going on. They’re locals who do cool free-horns through effects sounds. It’s not the harsh skronk of Borbetomagus, but it’s also not drone stuff. Somewhere in between. Vertonen did a fun set that ended with a feedback noise jam over Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” which (I’m pretty sure) just happened to start coming through his radio.

Crank Sturgeon at Ende Tymes Fest 2011

Crank Sturgeon at Ende Tymes Fest

Crank Sturgeon is one of the scene veterans and someone I’d never seen before, so this was a real treat for me. My personal tastes also lean toward the absurdist/low-brow/dada, which had a smaller representation at the Ende Tymes, so this performance was very welcome. In addition to all that, I am always impressed when someone can do a LOT with a LITTLE. Sure, you can make some mean noise with a laptop, table full of effects pedals, modular synth and mixer – but can you put on an amazing noise show with TWO TIN CANS AND A STRING?

After the above segment, Crank Sturgeon proceeded to stretch packing tape across the venue and back (contact miked, which sounded amazing), strung up a violin from the center and did some kind of performance piece that seemed to be about him ejaculating cotton ball “clouds” onto a packing tape “sky.”

MV Carbon put in a good set of mutant sounds made with effects and a cello. (Was that instrument a cello? I don’t even know.) Bran (…) Pos was really cool to watch, creating noise from processed vocal sounds along with processed video of himself making the vocal sounds.

The Rat Bastard Experience also brought the low-brow in a big way. The Experience was comprised of all of the members of Cellular Chaos with Rat on guitar, C Lavender on a radio or something, and Nondor Nevai on “vocals.” And by “vocals” I mean freaking out and tackling people while sometimes holding a microphone.

Rat Bastard Experience at Ende Tymes Fest 2011

Rat Bastard Experience at Ende Tymes Fest

ISA Christ actually did bring a strong rhythmic element in, but run through a suitcase-of-noise-gear. And Hex Breaker Quartet closed out Friday night with their heavy psych-drone. Filling the position in the NYC scene vacant since Double Leopards?

Part 2 coming soon!

GUTTER: Girls of Noise – internet debut!

July 07, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: news, videos

In April of 2008, Lauren Boyle toured as a member of the Laundry Room Squelchers, Rat Bastard’s free-noise band. Along the way she interviewed and videotaped a number female noise artists, including Leslie Keffer, Val of Unicorn Hard-On, Nancy Garcia, Heather Young of HNY and Social Junk, and many more. The interviews and select performances were edited down to make this 35-minute film, “GUTTER: Girls of Noise.” Lauren has kindly allowed me to be the very first to present it online. Caution: check your volume, this film starts right out with some intense Squelcher noise. Enjoy!


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