No-Core miXtape numBer 17!

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Latest podcast features music from: Bill Orcutt, Melvins, Animal Writes, Realicide, Nervous Sex, Clang Quartet, 1349, Half Japanese, Quintron, Fognozzle, Holy Molar, Bermuda Triangles, Deaf Deaf, Foot Village, Flying Luttenbachers, and HEALTH. more “rock” music than usual? You decide!


No-CORe mIXTApE 16

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Back. Shorter podcast, but still too much awesome stuff. THIS PODCAST HAS OFFICIALLY MOVED. Go here from now on: and make sure you are correctly subscribed to

This time, muzik from:
Calabi-Yau, Kristin Calvarese, xbxrx, Narwhalz (of Sound), The Questionmarks, Gerogerigegege, Fair Conditioner, Br’er, and braaaand new Lightning Bolt! Stay tuned for the next one!

NO-CORE mixtape 15 w guest-host Poingly

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That’s right, Poingly, solo music and performance artist shows up to play a bunch of stuff that falls into some kind of modern-day laptop/solo/post-pop… scene? We also chat about the state of music, etc.This is the playlist:
Dan Deacon “Mr Big Stuff”
The Show is the Rainbow “Safe Art”
YMD “Dippin My Dagger in Ink”
Captain Ahab “Rich as Fuck”
Bark Bark Bark
Alan Astor “Fantastic Fantasy” Drop the Lime remix
Hawnay Troof
Books on Tape “Bubblegum” Brian Miller remix
Genghis Tron
Girl Talk
Scissor Shock “Naked Brunch”
Poingly “Parts and/or Labor”

Sorry that most of Poingly’s brilliant observations are almost completely incomprehensible, but he insisted on using that voice-changer thing. Don’t blame me. Go complain to him:

nO-cOre mIXtaPE 14

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We’re back. Been away too long, but there’s lots of amazing stuff in this new podcast. Seriously. Sounds from:Black Pus, The Uh…, Hulk Smash, Gay Beast, U.S.Girls, Child Photography, Devin Kkenny, Argumentrix, Abiku, Singer, Garygegege, Leah Peah, The Gluons, Knife and Ape, Holzkopf, Mother 33, Forrest Friends, and something from the brand new Sonic Youth record too.

There are going to be some changes coming to the No-Core universe, so to prepare yourself, anyone who is subscribed to this podcast should update their links!!! Go here: and re-subscribe. You can still use iTunes, or get emails, or use a feed reader. In the very next podcast, guest host Poingly helps me do a round-up of the current laptop-rock scene. Coming, say, next week??

NO-CORE Freedumb Fest Special

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This is something a little different, some random recordings and stuff from Freedumb Fest down in Atlanta. What’s in the recording: music from Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Cars Will Burn, Uh-Oh Spades, Justice Yeldham (didn’t play at this Freedumb Fest, but did at a previous one), and This Is My Condition with Dan Kozak, in that order. Conversations with Justin Waters, Birmingham Brian, and a longer talk with Craig from This Is My Condition, broken up by 3 bits of music by him with Dan Kozak. Also heard in the recording: Lance from Dick Neff/Hyland Hologram, Davey from MMOTS/Hyland Hologram, others?


nO-COre miXTapE 13

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Ka-blammo! New-school & old-school in this mixtape.

Music from:Drums Like Machine Guns, Ruins, Social Junk, Dmonstrations, Night Wounds, Carz Will Burn, Harry Pussy, Head Molt, Brainiac, Satanique Samba Trio, Atari Teenage Riot, Suppression, Trenchmouth, Shearing Pinx, Coachwhips, OOIOO, Limp Lungs, and The Dead C! Classix.Sorry about that momentary silence in the dialogue toward the end, don’t know what happened…

no-coRE mixTApe 12

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NO-cOrE MIXtape 12

This one’s got some particularly good stuff in it. Promise! Noizes and Musiks from:Lazy Magnet, Big Black, Neon Hunk, Wolf Eyes, Eiliyas, Satanized, Mars, Mutators, Dick Neff, Numbers, Diet Cola, Chops, Yatagarasu, Neptune, Friends Forever, Wasted Nymph, The Better To See You With, Midori, Melt-Banana, Mugu Guymen, Sightings, and Computer Jesus Refrigerator!By the way, if anyone wants to share additional info on any of the music I’m playing, please add a comment! Comments are encouraged!


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NO-CORE mixtape number 11 _ _

IN THIS PODCAST, soundz from: Scissor Shock, Arab on Radar, Incapacitants, Channels 3×4, Pengo, Melvins, Kyle H. Mabson, Nintendo Teenage Robots, Neg-Fi, Realicide, Narwhalz, Kohoutek, Human Host, White Suns, Padna, Men’s Recovery Project, Michinoku Driver Four, and Adult Moan!

No-CoRe MiXtApE 10

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Anyway, we’ve got here some stuff I picked up in recent travels and listened to on recent travels. Largely “rock” music this time out? MUZIKS FROM: Abiku, PRE, HEALTH, AIDS Wolf, Taiwan Deth, Fat Day, Xrin Arms, Scissor Girls, (((microwaves))), Sword Heaven, The Druggies, Buck Gooter, Calabi-Yau, Diet Cola, Bermuda Triangles, Silver Daggers, The New Flesh, and probably more stuff I’m forgetting right now.

NO-cORe miXTape 08

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No-Core Mixtape _8_

We’re back! Sorry for the long gap, but here’s podcast EIGHT. As always, rad stuff, great sounds. Dig it. Features: Death Sentence: Panda!, Scissor Girls, Fat Worm of Error, Athletic Automaton, Yellow Swans, The Need, Les Georges Leningrad, Lake of Dracula, Von Lmo, ESP Beetles, Mammal, Erase Errata, Lou Reed, To Live and Shave in L.A., Andrew W.K., Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Red Transistor … !!!!!! plus… special guest co-host!!!