No-Core SpeciAL: interview w CLANG QUARTET

May 16, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

Clang Quartet

Clang Quartet at INC2011 in Miami, photo by Valerie Martino

This is a special episode of the No-Core podcast wherein I interview CLANG QUARTET aka Scotty Irving! Scotty is an incredibly nice, honest, and humble guy who is also one of the most – maybe THE most – captivating and intense noise performers around. He is also a very devoted Christian whose religious beliefs play a central role in his performance. Just to head off some potential comments, I’d like to point out that though I’m an atheist and we do mention this difference, this was not intended as a debate. I mainly wanted to let Scotty explain how his beliefs motivate what he does and just get a picture of what he’s like as a person and an artist.

NO-CORE interview with CLANG QUARTET

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No-Core miXtape numBer 17!

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