No-Core Mixtape no. 24

April 13, 2015 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

13615905293_6576ca06af_zDid you miss me? I can’t guarantee this will be a regular thing again, but I got the itch and busted out another one of these podcasts. Some weird stuff in this one. Featuring soundz from Lightning Bolt, Profligate, Xerobot, Moth Cock, Skeleton Warrior, Pod Blotz, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Mansion, Doomsday Student, Bromp Treb, Form A Log, Sediment Club, Palberta, Mutwawa, i_like_dog_face with Swamp Hag, Forced Into Femininity, and Farewell My Concubine. Find out what’s hot in the underground: Pour this down your earhole!

NO-CORE MiXtAPe number 24


No-Core MIXTAPE number 23

August 29, 2012 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

After a little hiatus, the No-Core Podcast is BACK! Lots of noise-rock here, some synthey weirdness too, and a dash of abstract sounds to top it all off. Bon appetit! FEATURES MUZIX AND NOIZEX FROM: Doomsday Student, Yip-Yip, The Many Moods of Marlon Magas, Xaddax, Viki, Horaflora, Profligate, Divorce, Trin Tran, Britches, Narwhalz of Sound, Mincemeat or Tenspeed and Dan Friel, Normal Love, Guerilla Toss, Black Pus, Harry Pussy, Skeleton Warrior!


NO-CORE mixxtapppe number 23

NO-Core miXXtaPPe NO-22

August 19, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

NEW PODCAST! Lots of noise-rock, noise, jams, freak-outs, no waves. FEATURING MUZIK FROM: Gropetown, Mutwawa, Divorce Party, Divorce, Yatagarasu, James White and the Blacks, My Nation Underground, Pink and Brown, I’d M Thfft Able, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Quintron, Tumbleweave, Boogie Monster, Katzenmallets, Cock Robot, Radio Shock, AIDS Wolf, Sharlyn Evertsz



No-Core special: NO RAP feat. Keith Stetson

July 26, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

That’s right, this time I cede control to the notorious Keith Stetson, who gives us a sampling of his favorite experimental/oddball rap artists! Ready for this?

No-Core special: NO RAP featuring Keith Stetson

1.       Project BLOWED – Who the Fuck is You?!
2.       Antipop Consortium – Mega
3.       Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC’s Wid Ghatz – Let’s Go Get Killed

4.       Dr. Octogon – 3000
5.       Grave Diggaz – Constant Elevation
6.       Perceptionists – Let’s Move

7.       Akwid – Es Mi Gusto
8.       Wounds – (don’t know the track name)
9.       Aesop Rock – The Greatest Pac Man Victory in History
10.   Metabolics – The M-Virus

11.   Forest Fires Collective – Smif’s Theme
12.   Haiku D’Etat – Stoic Response
13.   cLOUDDEAD – Rifle Eyes
14.   Mr. Lif – Earthcrusher
15.   Bus Driver – Get on the Bus

16.   White Vulture – Man Urinating, Different Rap Song


No-CoRE mIx-tApe number 20

February 21, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

New podcast! Muzix from: humanbeast, Dick Neff, Magas, Satanized, Unicorn Hard-On, Computer Jesus Refrigerator, Time Ghost, AIDS Wolf, Dan Friel, Weasel Walter, Dog Leather, Pussy Galore, bbigpigg, and Night Burger! Whoa! Play it / download it:

No-Core MIXTAPE #20!!!

No-CorE mixtape NO. 19

September 10, 2010 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts


Another NO-CORE podcast is here! Muzik and noizes FROM:

Mutwawa, Hiroshima Rocks Around, Mi Ami, Neg-Fi, Sightings, Octagon Control, Death Sentence: Panda!, Metalux, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, Ex Models, Die Monitr Batss, some brand-new Trumans Water, and some rare, live Royal Trux!

Website visitors, here is the link:


No-Core MIXTAPE #18!!!

August 27, 2010 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts


Paranoid Critical Revolution, Trumans Water, Extreme Animals, The Chinese Stars, Free Kitten, Skinny Puppy, Psychedelic Horseshit, Neptune, Made in Mexico, Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet, Amoeba Men, Fat Worm of Error, AIDS Wolf, and some rare tracks from, Big Black, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks.

PHEW! Does that sound like a killer mix or what? Dang, I even realized that I promised to play a song that I never got to. Well, I’ll just have to do the next one super-fast. STAY TUNED. Webpage visitors, hit the below download link to the MP3. (but remember you can subscribe with an RSS reader or iTunes too, links in upper right) GET IT:


No-Core miXtape numBer 17!

May 22, 2010 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: Uncategorized


Latest podcast features music from: Bill Orcutt, Melvins, Animal Writes, Realicide, Nervous Sex, Clang Quartet, 1349, Half Japanese, Quintron, Fognozzle, Holy Molar, Bermuda Triangles, Deaf Deaf, Foot Village, Flying Luttenbachers, and HEALTH. more “rock” music than usual? You decide!


NO-CORE mixtape 15 w guest-host Poingly

June 11, 2009 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: Uncategorized


That’s right, Poingly, solo music and performance artist shows up to play a bunch of stuff that falls into some kind of modern-day laptop/solo/post-pop… scene? We also chat about the state of music, etc.This is the playlist:
Dan Deacon “Mr Big Stuff”
The Show is the Rainbow “Safe Art”
YMD “Dippin My Dagger in Ink”
Captain Ahab “Rich as Fuck”
Bark Bark Bark
Alan Astor “Fantastic Fantasy” Drop the Lime remix
Hawnay Troof
Books on Tape “Bubblegum” Brian Miller remix
Genghis Tron
Girl Talk
Scissor Shock “Naked Brunch”
Poingly “Parts and/or Labor”

Sorry that most of Poingly’s brilliant observations are almost completely incomprehensible, but he insisted on using that voice-changer thing. Don’t blame me. Go complain to him:

nO-COre miXTapE 13

July 18, 2008 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: Uncategorized


Ka-blammo! New-school & old-school in this mixtape.

Music from:Drums Like Machine Guns, Ruins, Social Junk, Dmonstrations, Night Wounds, Carz Will Burn, Harry Pussy, Head Molt, Brainiac, Satanique Samba Trio, Atari Teenage Riot, Suppression, Trenchmouth, Shearing Pinx, Coachwhips, OOIOO, Limp Lungs, and The Dead C! Classix.Sorry about that momentary silence in the dialogue toward the end, don’t know what happened…