NO-Core miXXtaPPe NO-22

August 19, 2011 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: podcasts

NEW PODCAST! Lots of noise-rock, noise, jams, freak-outs, no waves. FEATURING MUZIK FROM: Gropetown, Mutwawa, Divorce Party, Divorce, Yatagarasu, James White and the Blacks, My Nation Underground, Pink and Brown, I’d M Thfft Able, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Quintron, Tumbleweave, Boogie Monster, Katzenmallets, Cock Robot, Radio Shock, AIDS Wolf, Sharlyn Evertsz



NO-CORE mixtape 15 w guest-host Poingly

June 11, 2009 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: Uncategorized


That’s right, Poingly, solo music and performance artist shows up to play a bunch of stuff that falls into some kind of modern-day laptop/solo/post-pop… scene? We also chat about the state of music, etc.This is the playlist:
Dan Deacon “Mr Big Stuff”
The Show is the Rainbow “Safe Art”
YMD “Dippin My Dagger in Ink”
Captain Ahab “Rich as Fuck”
Bark Bark Bark
Alan Astor “Fantastic Fantasy” Drop the Lime remix
Hawnay Troof
Books on Tape “Bubblegum” Brian Miller remix
Genghis Tron
Girl Talk
Scissor Shock “Naked Brunch”
Poingly “Parts and/or Labor”

Sorry that most of Poingly’s brilliant observations are almost completely incomprehensible, but he insisted on using that voice-changer thing. Don’t blame me. Go complain to him:

no-coRE mixTApe 12

May 12, 2008 By: M*P* Lockwood Category: Uncategorized

NO-cOrE MIXtape 12

This one’s got some particularly good stuff in it. Promise! Noizes and Musiks from:Lazy Magnet, Big Black, Neon Hunk, Wolf Eyes, Eiliyas, Satanized, Mars, Mutators, Dick Neff, Numbers, Diet Cola, Chops, Yatagarasu, Neptune, Friends Forever, Wasted Nymph, The Better To See You With, Midori, Melt-Banana, Mugu Guymen, Sightings, and Computer Jesus Refrigerator!By the way, if anyone wants to share additional info on any of the music I’m playing, please add a comment! Comments are encouraged!